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The prints

Dieter Roth - ausgewaehlte Werke

Medium Sunset
1968 · sausage on pink and blue paper in plastic cover · 70 x 50 cm · edition of 30, numbered and signed · 5 artists copies · made by Rudolf Rieser, Cologne · published by Gallery Wilbrand, Cologne 1970

Between 1947 and 1998 Dieter Roth produced 528 prints and created a great oeuvre rich in variety and quality. Many prints appeared as series of unique pieces through ingenious manipulations the artist applied at various stages of the printing process. The finished editions show a tremendous scope within each single series.

The artist used every known printing technique, lino-and woodcut (relief printing), etching (intaglio/gravure printing), litho, offset, serigraph (screen printing) and invented some new modes such as pressing (flattening objects through vertical pressure) and squashing (flattening objects through horizontal pressure). Often times he combined different techniques.

Roths creativity and inventive spirit claimed new areas for printing way beyond the traditional as he also “printed” with materials like sausage, fruit juice, cheese and chocolate.