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The multiples

Dieter Roth - ausgewaehlte Werke

(Portrait of the artist as Vogelfutterbüste)
Düsseldorf/Cologne · 1968 · chocolate cast with bird food additions · 21 x 14 x 12 cm · edition of 30 · made by Rudolf Rieser, Cologne (Dobke 1968.10)

Chocolate, cheese, spices, sugar and even bird seed – rather unusual in the art context – are the materials Dieter Roth used for his multiples. Listing these few materials makes a good guess as to why the relatively small group of multiples was able to draw such attention to his work.

Like many of the Pop artists, the Nouveaux Réalistes and the Fluxus artists Roth in the mid 60s starts to reproduce artistic ideas and manufacture limited editions of his objects. Between the mid 60s and 1971 he creates more than 20 objects and for the most part entrusts the professional bookbinder Rudolf Rieser with their production. Other than with most of his fellow artists these multiples along with his extensive output of printwork make Roth famous and form a significant part of his artistic legacy.