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The design

Dieter Roth - selected works

Reykjavík / Luzern · 1971 · gold ring base for 15 interchangeable heads of coloured acrylic, metal gutter for storage · box: 80 x 12 x 8 cm · edition of 10 · made by Langenbacher & Wankmiller, Luzern

In 1957 Dieter Roth followed his future wife to Iceland where he kept a base up to the end of his life and where his children live to this day. His attempt to establish himself there as graphic designer failed because he was not able to obtain a work permit. To make a living he started to design jewellery for a jeweller in Reykjavík. He also made friends with the Swiss jeweller Hans Langenbacher who commissioned him in the beginning 70s again to design some jewellery for him. Conceptually the pieces Roth designed in these two periods have to be seen closely linked to the rest of his work.