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1964 to 1966 USA


“Stencil box for do-it-yourself pictures (with paint shoe-polish nail-varnish etc).” August: Roth stays with Arnold Saks in New York. September: Philadelphia. Roth’s first solo exhibition in the United States, snow, is presented at the Museum College of Art. Creates the flatbed print “the indistinct image (‘faints’).” In New York Roth makes the acquaintance of Alison Knowles, Dick Higgins, Charlotte Moorman, Nam June Paik, George Brecht, Al Hansen, Bob Watts, and Joe Jones. He does not, however, participate in their performance activities and happenings. November: New Haven. Roth receives his first teaching position at the Department of Architecture at Yale University, which he though soon has to give up due to differences of opinion with the professors teaching there. He produces his first etchings with chocolate and manipulated silk-screen prints. Separation from Sigri∂ur Björnsdottir.


For a year Roth teaches the graphic arts class at Rhode Island School of Design following the principle “non-teaching as teaching.” His students are free to attend or to stay away from his classes. As a result he partially teaches classes with only two or three students. Roth writes the poems for his first Scheisse (Shit) volume, published in 1966. In the following years he produces a series of twelve further volumes. He develops a sound alphabet to intonate texts. Roth also creates works from organic materials, which he calls “decomposition pictures and objects (symbol-figures).” In his graphic prints (“pressings and squashings”) he now also employs food, creating, for instance, etchings with “chocolates bananas biscuits etc.” Contributions for Kalender 65, Revue Integration, and Spatial Poem No. 1 by Mieko (Chieko) Shiomi. Translation of the French part of the publication Anekdoten zu einer Topographie des Zufalls by Daniel Spoerri. Works on Poetrie 1 (published in 1966). Roth meets André Thomkins. Collaboration with Rudolph Rieser. Roth publishes a further artist’s book, the so-called Copley Book, in co-operation with Richard Hamilton.


“Alteration and correction of texts by others;” “name of a print as a print;” “numbering stamp with 10 images;” “diaries and address books as lists of ideas;” “negative pin-ups;” “illustrated books as pieces of music;” “fading pictures (and their opposites).” Roth meets Oswald Wiener. June: Roth visits Hanns Sohm in Markgröningen. In Sohm’s practice he undergoes dental treatment, which he pays for with art works. Roth works on die blaue flut (the blue tide). Contributions for et 2, Joglars, frau und fräulein, Gorgona 9, Spatial Poem No. 2 by Mieko (Chieko) Shiomi, Blockprint, Le petit Colosse de ∑YMH.
In the summer Roth’s studio in Providence is cleared due to rent arrears. Excepting an assemblage on cardboard, all of his works are destroyed. Roth works on 246 little clouds (published in 1968).

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